Don’t worry I didn’t forget you.

I know its been quite awhile since I’ve posted but as I said I didn’t forget about you, I simply haven’t been on a computer.

I’ve been doing a lot of one thing-driving!
I’ve been rather sleep deprived & internet deprived, even now I’m updating via my smartphone.

I will do a good and proper update when I get home sometime tomorrow maybe or friday.

I hope july was an awesome month for everyone and I hope august will be great too.

Don’t forget to drink that ice cold water!

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Posting from the road

Hello all!

I’m currently on the road, ok well technically I’m in a hotel, trying to eat my dinner leftovers with my fingers…its fun

My dad and I had dinner at Cracker Barrel, because he loves it, he’s very picky nowadays . He had trout and I had ‘Kansas City BBQ Chicken’ with corn and potato salad.

It wasn’t bad except the chickens flavor was only skin deep and I don’t eat chicken skin so that was a bit disappointing and the corn said it came with BBQ butter which I was really excited about but it only came with regular butter.

And now my dad is eating my corn, he really does love corn.

One thing I like about Cracker Barrel is their decorations I love the antiques and I love when my dad explains what they are.

Back home tomorrow night then off once more.

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Playing on my phone with Harry Potter

One thing I’ve kind of always wanted was to be married.

I’m allowed to admit that right?

Its one of those things I’ve always just wanted. It’s not the wedding that I look forward to either, though honestly most girls have planned at least one wedding, it’s just being married, being with a man I truly love.

I think my niche is in domestic areas.

Contrary to what some people might think I actually enjoy cooking and cleaning and organizing. Not holiday decorating so much but hey I’m not perfect.

I’ve never really told anyone about my dream to be married, mostly because I think people wouldn’t really understand.

I wouldn’t want to scare my boyfriend away!

Although it may be a lifelong dream of mine it is not something I plan on rushing into. Marriage is a HUGE commitment and I don’t think its something that should be taken lightly.

My dad is old school, he was born in 1935 in rural Pennsylvania and he’s been married 3 times.

He first got married when he was 21 for reasons unknown. I say his reasons are unknown because he’s never told me. He has never said he loved his first wife, or his second for that matter and he has warned all of his children that marriage is a big deal and you need to do whats best for you and what makes you truly happy.

At the same time he also has this notion that once you’ve been dating for a year its time to get engaged. My mom and dad had been dating for just about when they got engaged and after a relatively short engagement they were married.

Its kind of funny. My brother and his girlfriend celebrated their one year anniversary late last year and ever since my dads been asking where the ring is and I know I will soon be getting those kinds of questions myself.

I think everyone is different though. After one year my dad knew he wanted to marry my mom. After one year my brother loves his girlfriend with his whole heart but they still don’t plan on rushing anything. Some people date for years before getting married and I think that’s great! Whatever works for you is whats best.

I think that you should always let your heart be your guide, in every situation.

I’d like to say that I’m very happy I started this blog! I’ve started some before but I never actually used them. Usually something would get in the way like school and I’d get bogged down and forget all about it, but not this one!

I need to make some goals for myself.

I’ve never been good at setting goals, which is odd given my love of all things list like.

Tomorrow I’m going to be taking my dad to some doctors appointments, four hours away! Well technically the appointments are on monday tomorrow we are heading down early so I don’t have to drive so much monday and then turn around and have to do a 10 hour drive on Tuesday too!

Also I desperately need to do something with my hair, its starting to bore me and that is never a good sign

I cleaned the whole house today so needless to say I’m quite tired I think it’s about time for bed!

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Waiting..Not my strong suit.

Hmmm is that how you spell strong suit?

I have no idea, I’m not the worlds best speller, when I was a child my word nemisis was the word ‘great’

yes great for some reason I just couldn’t spell it to save my life then suddenly it clicked! Now I can say with great confidence (haha got it) that I can spell great!

Patience is not an attribute that runs in my family.

I personally have almost none, unless your a computer, I can wait for computers

Currently I’m waiting for a few things first off I’m waiting to hear back about a job… its very nerve wracking but also exciting I really really hope I get this job!

Also I am waiting to see my boyfriend. I’m leaving on Tuesday to go see him, 10 hour drive anyone?

For now I'll just pass the time with Ferdinand.

Its been two months since I last saw him! Yes we text and yes we skype but its really not the same.

When I’ve had a bad day, and I’ve had a few really rough ones in the last two months, he couldn’t hold me and tell me its gonna be ok. All he could say was how he wished he was there with me.

I’m really excited about getting to see him we’ve almost been dating for a whole year! I can hardly believe it. Sadly he’s going to be studying in Spain for our one year anniversery so I think we will celebrate it a tad early.

My shoulders are killing me and heres why:

Very messy. Chips are not my friends.

That is my ‘desk’ see I am currently staying in my parents house helping them get it ready to sell, or make it look better anyway.

But my parents moved here while I was at school and so I don’t actually have a bedroom here. I have a den. I love my den it has become my room and I wouldn’t trade it in for any other room in the house.

The downside? I don’t have a bed or a desk.

I have a fouton and a memory (hope)  chest.

I love them both the chest has been around longer than I have. I remember being a kid and trying to open it, its got a really tricky latch for a kid plus its heavy! I remember rumaging through all the pictures and old birthday cards and various bits of our lives.

Its all scratched up but I would never try to ‘refinish’ it. I made those scratches, with the help of my brother and sister of course, and I cherish each and every one of them.

The only downside to the chest is its really too low to be properly used as a desk, I often find myself hunching over to use my mouse and now my shoulders are screaming at me. I finally figured out that pulling my keyboard into my lap, while less convenient is much better!

Wig & Makeup test for next weeks convention. Plus a dirty mirror and misuse of automatic flash.

Currently my room is a mess. It bothers me. A lot.

But by the time I leave it will be looking very pretty. Well it will if my dogs stop ripping their toys to shreds in my room. I’ve got fluff balls a plenty.

There’s also a moth that has made it his life’s mission to get into my room via my closed window. Eventually I think he will realize he goal cannot be achieved. I hope.

Sometimes I think the older I get, not that I’m anywhere close to old, that I keep getting pickier about food.

To some degree that isn’t true but sometimes when I look at food all I see is what I don’t like!

Tonight I made Spaghetti for dinner since my dad requested it.

I hade potato chips for dinner.

Truth be told I’m not all that into spaghetti, my sister loves it me? not so much

But then I was thinking, I don’t really care all that much for pasta anymore! Its weird

Ever since my surgery the list of things I don’t like seems to be getting longer.

And honestly I’m just so dang lazy! Cooking, while I enjoy it sometimes just feels like a hassle, especially when I’m the only one who will cook or clean.

Oh I found my keyboard! Complete with key cheating.

On a side note, not that this post has any real point, do any of them?

Don’t you love that feeling you get when you get a text message from someone you’ve waited to hear from all day? Only to be disappointed at receiving only a ‘Hi’ and nothing else.  But then its made all better by six simple words “I can’t wait to see you”

Yea I love it to.

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I’m just picky.

I’m a pretty picky person. Picky about what you ask? Well most everything really.

Right now I’m talking about food. I enjoy eating, like most people.

But there are somethings I just don’t like, somethings I absolutely love and somethings that I both dislike and like all at the same time. I’m a complex person right?

Vegetables. Sometimes I love them. Sometimes I don’t like them at all.

Hates: Bland food. Likes: Tasty Food. Loves: Food that feels like Fall.

Fall is probably my favorite time of year.

Why? First off the temperature is beautiful. Not hot but not freezing either.

Second its such a pretty time of year. The trees, the plants and the smell. Fall smells better than any other season. Almost as good as a storm

The best weather

Third? Three words: Pumpkin & Eggnog!

Cell phones do not take great photos.

Oh baby! Those are two flavors I never tire of I could eat them all year long.

Those who know me understand that I am Obsessed with all things Pumpkin. Obsessed.

My boyfriend got the picture very quickly after we started dating. He laughs but still calls me Pumpkin anyway.

Another thing…I like to play with my food.

Brown food can be very tasty but its not exactly pretty is it?

I like to play, see for yourself:

Playful. Colorful. Delicious.

I enjoy making Pandas out of Corn muffins and People out of Cheese!

These are actually Bentos I made- Japanese lunch boxes.

I really like making them but I haven’t made one in quite sometime, mostly because I haven’t had all that much time. But now I do so hopefully I can make a few more.

I really need to make some food, I am currently surviving off of chips and cheerios, not so healthy


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Across the country.

Back on the east coast and feeling good!

The beautiful Pacific Ocean! My first time seeing it

Yesterday I flew from the west coast to the east coast. After that flight I needed a stiff drink, which I have yet to receive by the way.

I was going to get a drink while I was running errands today but I decided to get my eyebrows done instead.

Yes I chose my eyebrows over a well needed drink.

Much better!

My priorities are fine….right?

Then I came back and realized to my glee that we had beer here at home, I much prefer a good cocktail to a beer, and honestly who doesn’t?

BUT then my brother preceded to drink them all. All of them. Now I need to rethink my drink status…

Anyway away from my drink situation and on to happier news

I get to see my puppies! I’ve missed them the little fatties

Sleepy heads

Now I have to decide what to cook…..


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Long time no see.

I know its been a few days, well ok about a week, since my last post but I’ve been a little busy.

Tuesday was my 21st birthday, yay me, now I can order alcohol at dinner, despite the fact that I don’t really drink its fun to know that I can.

Also I’ve been making some big decisions. I have decided not to go to china this fall. I know, I know why? Because it’s not what I want right now. For the past four years I’ve been looking forward to the time when I could start working and by default start my life.

Now is that time. I’m taking a break from school and I’ve decided to work. the tricky part is finding a job. But I have found a few to apply for one of which takes me into New England, somewhere I’ve barely visited let alone lived but the idea of moving and working is very exciting for me and I can’t wait!

Next week I am heading back to the east coast to help my parents sell their house and again I’m pretty excited not sure why cleaning and packing has me so excited but it does. Maybe its simply the opportunity to have something to do.

After a few weeks I’m heading out for my convention and I will be able to see my boyfriend for the first time since I graduated which will be lovely. We will spend some time driving around, meeting more of his family then he will come meet the rest of mine. Then I’ll be driving him to the airport to see him off to Spain, where he will be studying for the semester.

The next few weeks will be pretty busy for me and I can’t wait!

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I have no direct intentions of  turning this blog into a food/cooking blog though I do want to document my forays into the kitchen and my progress in doing so.

And despite how it seems so far i do not intend to turn this into a place for me to bitch (ah I said it!) honestly its been a rough couple of weeks and once I find something to do with my time i wont need to vent my feelings out here and this can be a happier place for everyone.

In my first post I mentioned that this blog was going to be a source of motivation for me, so motivation for what exactly?

The short answer-Life.

I want to get a few things in my life back on track, or on track for the first time in my life.

In 2009 I had Gastric bypass surgery and since then I haven’t been taking the best care of myself. Ironic no? I get a surgery in order to improve my health but then I don’t follow all of my doctors orders to maintain that health.

Its not a conscious decision to ignore this I’m just not used to having to do all of these things. Drinking lots of water-not something  I’ve ever really done, terrible i know. Taking my vitamins-extremely important but I forget, a lot. Drinking protein shakes, getting plenty of exercise, etc etc etc. I know I need to do these things again I just forget? I guess.

I also want to work on things for fun. Like cooking. I really enjoy  cooking and baking but rarely do it. Where I was living while I was at school had a terrible kitchen so that really deterred me from being in it.

Hopefully all of this will change and I can get my life on track! Yay me

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Its true.

I don’t like summer. Shocking right?

In fact I’ve never liked summer for quite a few reasons the most simple being its way too hot! I don’t like being hot and I hate sweating for no reason and so during the summer months I keep inside and stay nice and pale, no sunburn for me thank you very much. Plus summers are incredibly boring for me since I have been unable, due to constant relocating, to get an actual job. It wouldn’t be so bad if I could work but since I can’t I’m bored, very bored.

I’m currently taking pain medication for my teeth and its making my head very cloudy I really hate the way this feels so I think I’m going to boycott this medication from now on, I’d rather just take a lot of ibuprofen.

This summer I am going to an Anime convention, this will be my third trip to this convention but the first without my twin sister. My sister is currently in Beijing, China volunteering to help teach english. I’m so happy for her because she has always wanted to go to china and now shes actually there!

I wish she could come to the convention with me because honestly I’m not as excited about it as I normally am since she isn’t going. in her place my boyfriend is coming with me, along with a bunch of people we know who usually go with us. This will be his first trip and I hope he really enjoys its, otherwise I will have dragged him around for no reason!

At the convention you can go normal OR you can cosplay, which is to dress in costume, of your favorite anime, manga, game (etc) character! Last year I went as 10 years later Mukuro from Katekyo Hitman Reborn. This year I’m not sure what to go as, like I said I’m not as excited. I will dress up because that is a LOT of fun but I’m trying to decide what to go as…..

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Its hard to say.

Right now my life is in a very…odd place.

In May I graduated from University with a Degree in History. Four years of hard work and it finally paid off with a degree ( and thousands of dollars in student loans) and I couldn’t be happier. I love history and I can’t wait to continue my education in my pursuit of a PhD.

I had applied to graduate school for this coming fall sadly I didn’t get into them, but I haven’t given up. I am reapplying for this next fall but in the mean time I have decided to study in China to work on my Mandarin. Again i am so excited its China!

Sadly this puts my life on hold for another 6 months before I can get started. Currently I am residing with my parents as a moocher on the west coast. Though I may be having a temporary job back on the east coast soon closer to my siblings. Splitting my life between three states: my parents, my siblings, and my boyfriend and myself, is very difficult.

In one week I turn 21 and I’m not sure what I’m doing. I want to work and have my life.

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