I have a Confession.

A little piece of my home state

I am a complainer.

It is an unfortunate and ugly part of my personality but as all things it must be accepted, and I do.
From this statement I can move on with my life happily. (like the 1st step at AA)

I am starting this blog as a record of sorts, not a diary just a record of the things I strive to achieve and how I can go about achieving them, and also as a means for motivation.

Motivation is something I lack when it comes to doing many things. I do have the motivation for an all day Criminal Minds marathon on the couch but not to go out for a jog. I know in this aspect I am not alone, after all isn’t it easier to sit down with  the remote than lace up your sneakers to face the heat of summer? Or order a pizza instead of cooking up a delicious meal yourself.

I enjoy exercise, odd? maybe but honestly I believe most people enjoy exercise just not the idea of exercising. I know how good I feel when I’m out walking or riding a bike but the idea just sounds awful. Thats why I need motivation & a plan.

I will work towards making a plan and keeping it. This is my resolution, lets hope it doesn’t fail me this time.

I have plenty of excuses, some of them even happen to be relatively legitimate but in reality my health and happiness are far more important than my current situation.

A current dilemma that has been bothering me these past few days is a mixture of pain & lack of energy. Last Friday i had my wisdom teeth removed, not very much fun especially given the fact that i hate dentists. My mouth is still causing me a good bit of pain & is keeping me from eating properly so my energy level is currently residing in the basement but I finally called my dentist and have set up an appointment to see why I am still in pain and see what they can do to stop it. Because I am seriously jonesing for some chips! which I can’t eat


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