Its hard to say.

Right now my life is in a very…odd place.

In May I graduated from University with a Degree in History. Four years of hard work and it finally paid off with a degree ( and thousands of dollars in student loans) and I couldn’t be happier. I love history and I can’t wait to continue my education in my pursuit of a PhD.

I had applied to graduate school for this coming fall sadly I didn’t get into them, but I haven’t given up. I am reapplying for this next fall but in the mean time I have decided to study in China to work on my Mandarin. Again i am so excited its China!

Sadly this puts my life on hold for another 6 months before I can get started. Currently I am residing with my parents as a moocher on the west coast. Though I may be having a temporary job back on the east coast soon closer to my siblings. Splitting my life between three states: my parents, my siblings, and my boyfriend and myself, is very difficult.

In one week I turn 21 and I’m not sure what I’m doing. I want to work and have my life.


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