I have no direct intentions of  turning this blog into a food/cooking blog though I do want to document my forays into the kitchen and my progress in doing so.

And despite how it seems so far i do not intend to turn this into a place for me to bitch (ah I said it!) honestly its been a rough couple of weeks and once I find something to do with my time i wont need to vent my feelings out here and this can be a happier place for everyone.

In my first post I mentioned that this blog was going to be a source of motivation for me, so motivation for what exactly?

The short answer-Life.

I want to get a few things in my life back on track, or on track for the first time in my life.

In 2009 I had Gastric bypass surgery and since then I haven’t been taking the best care of myself. Ironic no? I get a surgery in order to improve my health but then I don’t follow all of my doctors orders to maintain that health.

Its not a conscious decision to ignore this I’m just not used to having to do all of these things. Drinking lots of water-not something  I’ve ever really done, terrible i know. Taking my vitamins-extremely important but I forget, a lot. Drinking protein shakes, getting plenty of exercise, etc etc etc. I know I need to do these things again I just forget? I guess.

I also want to work on things for fun. Like cooking. I really enjoy  cooking and baking but rarely do it. Where I was living while I was at school had a terrible kitchen so that really deterred me from being in it.

Hopefully all of this will change and I can get my life on track! Yay me


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