Its true.

I don’t like summer. Shocking right?

In fact I’ve never liked summer for quite a few reasons the most simple being its way too hot! I don’t like being hot and I hate sweating for no reason and so during the summer months I keep inside and stay nice and pale, no sunburn for me thank you very much. Plus summers are incredibly boring for me since I have been unable, due to constant relocating, to get an actual job. It wouldn’t be so bad if I could work but since I can’t I’m bored, very bored.

I’m currently taking pain medication for my teeth and its making my head very cloudy I really hate the way this feels so I think I’m going to boycott this medication from now on, I’d rather just take a lot of ibuprofen.

This summer I am going to an Anime convention, this will be my third trip to this convention but the first without my twin sister. My sister is currently in Beijing, China volunteering to help teach english. I’m so happy for her because she has always wanted to go to china and now shes actually there!

I wish she could come to the convention with me because honestly I’m not as excited about it as I normally am since she isn’t going. in her place my boyfriend is coming with me, along with a bunch of people we know who usually go with us. This will be his first trip and I hope he really enjoys its, otherwise I will have dragged him around for no reason!

At the convention you can go normal OR you can cosplay, which is to dress in costume, of your favorite anime, manga, game (etc) character! Last year I went as 10 years later Mukuro from Katekyo Hitman Reborn. This year I’m not sure what to go as, like I said I’m not as excited. I will dress up because that is a LOT of fun but I’m trying to decide what to go as…..


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