Across the country.

Back on the east coast and feeling good!

The beautiful Pacific Ocean! My first time seeing it

Yesterday I flew from the west coast to the east coast. After that flight I needed a stiff drink, which I have yet to receive by the way.

I was going to get a drink while I was running errands today but I decided to get my eyebrows done instead.

Yes I chose my eyebrows over a well needed drink.

Much better!

My priorities are fine….right?

Then I came back and realized to my glee that we had beer here at home, I much prefer a good cocktail to a beer, and honestly who doesn’t?

BUT then my brother preceded to drink them all. All of them. Now I need to rethink my drink status…

Anyway away from my drink situation and on to happier news

I get to see my puppies! I’ve missed them the little fatties

Sleepy heads

Now I have to decide what to cook…..



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