I’m just picky.

I’m a pretty picky person. Picky about what you ask? Well most everything really.

Right now I’m talking about food. I enjoy eating, like most people.

But there are somethings I just don’t like, somethings I absolutely love and somethings that I both dislike and like all at the same time. I’m a complex person right?

Vegetables. Sometimes I love them. Sometimes I don’t like them at all.

Hates: Bland food. Likes: Tasty Food. Loves: Food that feels like Fall.

Fall is probably my favorite time of year.

Why? First off the temperature is beautiful. Not hot but not freezing either.

Second its such a pretty time of year. The trees, the plants and the smell. Fall smells better than any other season. Almost as good as a storm

The best weather

Third? Three words: Pumpkin & Eggnog!

Cell phones do not take great photos.

Oh baby! Those are two flavors I never tire of I could eat them all year long.

Those who know me understand that I am Obsessed with all things Pumpkin. Obsessed.

My boyfriend got the picture very quickly after we started dating. He laughs but still calls me Pumpkin anyway.

Another thing…I like to play with my food.

Brown food can be very tasty but its not exactly pretty is it?

I like to play, see for yourself:

Playful. Colorful. Delicious.

I enjoy making Pandas out of Corn muffins and People out of Cheese!

These are actually Bentos I made- Japanese lunch boxes.

I really like making them but I haven’t made one in quite sometime, mostly because I haven’t had all that much time. But now I do so hopefully I can make a few more.

I really need to make some food, I am currently surviving off of chips and cheerios, not so healthy



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