Waiting..Not my strong suit.

Hmmm is that how you spell strong suit?

I have no idea, I’m not the worlds best speller, when I was a child my word nemisis was the word ‘great’

yes great for some reason I just couldn’t spell it to save my life then suddenly it clicked! Now I can say with great confidence (haha got it) that I can spell great!

Patience is not an attribute that runs in my family.

I personally have almost none, unless your a computer, I can wait for computers

Currently I’m waiting for a few things first off I’m waiting to hear back about a job… its very nerve wracking but also exciting I really really hope I get this job!

Also I am waiting to see my boyfriend. I’m leaving on Tuesday to go see him, 10 hour drive anyone?

For now I'll just pass the time with Ferdinand.

Its been two months since I last saw him! Yes we text and yes we skype but its really not the same.

When I’ve had a bad day, and I’ve had a few really rough ones in the last two months, he couldn’t hold me and tell me its gonna be ok. All he could say was how he wished he was there with me.

I’m really excited about getting to see him we’ve almost been dating for a whole year! I can hardly believe it. Sadly he’s going to be studying in Spain for our one year anniversery so I think we will celebrate it a tad early.

My shoulders are killing me and heres why:

Very messy. Chips are not my friends.

That is my ‘desk’ see I am currently staying in my parents house helping them get it ready to sell, or make it look better anyway.

But my parents moved here while I was at school and so I don’t actually have a bedroom here. I have a den. I love my den it has become my room and I wouldn’t trade it in for any other room in the house.

The downside? I don’t have a bed or a desk.

I have a fouton and a memory (hope)  chest.

I love them both the chest has been around longer than I have. I remember being a kid and trying to open it, its got a really tricky latch for a kid plus its heavy! I remember rumaging through all the pictures and old birthday cards and various bits of our lives.

Its all scratched up but I would never try to ‘refinish’ it. I made those scratches, with the help of my brother and sister of course, and I cherish each and every one of them.

The only downside to the chest is its really too low to be properly used as a desk, I often find myself hunching over to use my mouse and now my shoulders are screaming at me. I finally figured out that pulling my keyboard into my lap, while less convenient is much better!

Wig & Makeup test for next weeks convention. Plus a dirty mirror and misuse of automatic flash.

Currently my room is a mess. It bothers me. A lot.

But by the time I leave it will be looking very pretty. Well it will if my dogs stop ripping their toys to shreds in my room. I’ve got fluff balls a plenty.

There’s also a moth that has made it his life’s mission to get into my room via my closed window. Eventually I think he will realize he goal cannot be achieved. I hope.

Sometimes I think the older I get, not that I’m anywhere close to old, that I keep getting pickier about food.

To some degree that isn’t true but sometimes when I look at food all I see is what I don’t like!

Tonight I made Spaghetti for dinner since my dad requested it.

I hade potato chips for dinner.

Truth be told I’m not all that into spaghetti, my sister loves it me? not so much

But then I was thinking, I don’t really care all that much for pasta anymore! Its weird

Ever since my surgery the list of things I don’t like seems to be getting longer.

And honestly I’m just so dang lazy! Cooking, while I enjoy it sometimes just feels like a hassle, especially when I’m the only one who will cook or clean.

Oh I found my keyboard! Complete with key cheating.

On a side note, not that this post has any real point, do any of them?

Don’t you love that feeling you get when you get a text message from someone you’ve waited to hear from all day? Only to be disappointed at receiving only a ‘Hi’ and nothing else.  But then its made all better by six simple words “I can’t wait to see you”

Yea I love it to.


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