Playing on my phone with Harry Potter

One thing I’ve kind of always wanted was to be married.

I’m allowed to admit that right?

Its one of those things I’ve always just wanted. It’s not the wedding that I look forward to either, though honestly most girls have planned at least one wedding, it’s just being married, being with a man I truly love.

I think my niche is in domestic areas.

Contrary to what some people might think I actually enjoy cooking and cleaning and organizing. Not holiday decorating so much but hey I’m not perfect.

I’ve never really told anyone about my dream to be married, mostly because I think people wouldn’t really understand.

I wouldn’t want to scare my boyfriend away!

Although it may be a lifelong dream of mine it is not something I plan on rushing into. Marriage is a HUGE commitment and I don’t think its something that should be taken lightly.

My dad is old school, he was born in 1935 in rural Pennsylvania and he’s been married 3 times.

He first got married when he was 21 for reasons unknown. I say his reasons are unknown because he’s never told me. He has never said he loved his first wife, or his second for that matter and he has warned all of his children that marriage is a big deal and you need to do whats best for you and what makes you truly happy.

At the same time he also has this notion that once you’ve been dating for a year its time to get engaged. My mom and dad had been dating for just about when they got engaged and after a relatively short engagement they were married.

Its kind of funny. My brother and his girlfriend celebrated their one year anniversary late last year and ever since my dads been asking where the ring is and I know I will soon be getting those kinds of questions myself.

I think everyone is different though. After one year my dad knew he wanted to marry my mom. After one year my brother loves his girlfriend with his whole heart but they still don’t plan on rushing anything. Some people date for years before getting married and I think that’s great! Whatever works for you is whats best.

I think that you should always let your heart be your guide, in every situation.

I’d like to say that I’m very happy I started this blog! I’ve started some before but I never actually used them. Usually something would get in the way like school and I’d get bogged down and forget all about it, but not this one!

I need to make some goals for myself.

I’ve never been good at setting goals, which is odd given my love of all things list like.

Tomorrow I’m going to be taking my dad to some doctors appointments, four hours away! Well technically the appointments are on monday tomorrow we are heading down early so I don’t have to drive so much monday and then turn around and have to do a 10 hour drive on Tuesday too!

Also I desperately need to do something with my hair, its starting to bore me and that is never a good sign

I cleaned the whole house today so needless to say I’m quite tired I think it’s about time for bed!


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