I have no direct intentions of  turning this blog into a food/cooking blog though I do want to document my forays into the kitchen and my progress in doing so.

And despite how it seems so far i do not intend to turn this into a place for me to bitch (ah I said it!) honestly its been a rough couple of weeks and once I find something to do with my time i wont need to vent my feelings out here and this can be a happier place for everyone.

In my first post I mentioned that this blog was going to be a source of motivation for me, so motivation for what exactly?

The short answer-Life.

I want to get a few things in my life back on track, or on track for the first time in my life.

In 2009 I had Gastric bypass surgery and since then I haven’t been taking the best care of myself. Ironic no? I get a surgery in order to improve my health but then I don’t follow all of my doctors orders to maintain that health.

Its not a conscious decision to ignore this I’m just not used to having to do all of these things. Drinking lots of water-not something  I’ve ever really done, terrible i know. Taking my vitamins-extremely important but I forget, a lot. Drinking protein shakes, getting plenty of exercise, etc etc etc. I know I need to do these things again I just forget? I guess.

I also want to work on things for fun. Like cooking. I really enjoy  cooking and baking but rarely do it. Where I was living while I was at school had a terrible kitchen so that really deterred me from being in it.

Hopefully all of this will change and I can get my life on track! Yay me


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Its true.

I don’t like summer. Shocking right?

In fact I’ve never liked summer for quite a few reasons the most simple being its way too hot! I don’t like being hot and I hate sweating for no reason and so during the summer months I keep inside and stay nice and pale, no sunburn for me thank you very much. Plus summers are incredibly boring for me since I have been unable, due to constant relocating, to get an actual job. It wouldn’t be so bad if I could work but since I can’t I’m bored, very bored.

I’m currently taking pain medication for my teeth and its making my head very cloudy I really hate the way this feels so I think I’m going to boycott this medication from now on, I’d rather just take a lot of ibuprofen.

This summer I am going to an Anime convention, this will be my third trip to this convention but the first without my twin sister. My sister is currently in Beijing, China volunteering to help teach english. I’m so happy for her because she has always wanted to go to china and now shes actually there!

I wish she could come to the convention with me because honestly I’m not as excited about it as I normally am since she isn’t going. in her place my boyfriend is coming with me, along with a bunch of people we know who usually go with us. This will be his first trip and I hope he really enjoys its, otherwise I will have dragged him around for no reason!

At the convention you can go normal OR you can cosplay, which is to dress in costume, of your favorite anime, manga, game (etc) character! Last year I went as 10 years later Mukuro from Katekyo Hitman Reborn. This year I’m not sure what to go as, like I said I’m not as excited. I will dress up because that is a LOT of fun but I’m trying to decide what to go as…..

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Its hard to say.

Right now my life is in a very…odd place.

In May I graduated from University with a Degree in History. Four years of hard work and it finally paid off with a degree ( and thousands of dollars in student loans) and I couldn’t be happier. I love history and I can’t wait to continue my education in my pursuit of a PhD.

I had applied to graduate school for this coming fall sadly I didn’t get into them, but I haven’t given up. I am reapplying for this next fall but in the mean time I have decided to study in China to work on my Mandarin. Again i am so excited its China!

Sadly this puts my life on hold for another 6 months before I can get started. Currently I am residing with my parents as a moocher on the west coast. Though I may be having a temporary job back on the east coast soon closer to my siblings. Splitting my life between three states: my parents, my siblings, and my boyfriend and myself, is very difficult.

In one week I turn 21 and I’m not sure what I’m doing. I want to work and have my life.

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I have a Confession.

A little piece of my home state

I am a complainer.

It is an unfortunate and ugly part of my personality but as all things it must be accepted, and I do.
From this statement I can move on with my life happily. (like the 1st step at AA)

I am starting this blog as a record of sorts, not a diary just a record of the things I strive to achieve and how I can go about achieving them, and also as a means for motivation.

Motivation is something I lack when it comes to doing many things. I do have the motivation for an all day Criminal Minds marathon on the couch but not to go out for a jog. I know in this aspect I am not alone, after all isn’t it easier to sit down with  the remote than lace up your sneakers to face the heat of summer? Or order a pizza instead of cooking up a delicious meal yourself.

I enjoy exercise, odd? maybe but honestly I believe most people enjoy exercise just not the idea of exercising. I know how good I feel when I’m out walking or riding a bike but the idea just sounds awful. Thats why I need motivation & a plan.

I will work towards making a plan and keeping it. This is my resolution, lets hope it doesn’t fail me this time.

I have plenty of excuses, some of them even happen to be relatively legitimate but in reality my health and happiness are far more important than my current situation.

A current dilemma that has been bothering me these past few days is a mixture of pain & lack of energy. Last Friday i had my wisdom teeth removed, not very much fun especially given the fact that i hate dentists. My mouth is still causing me a good bit of pain & is keeping me from eating properly so my energy level is currently residing in the basement but I finally called my dentist and have set up an appointment to see why I am still in pain and see what they can do to stop it. Because I am seriously jonesing for some chips! which I can’t eat

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